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Navajo/Hopi Tea, Herb,

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Navajo/Hopi Tea (Greenthread Tea) Navajo Tea is a hardy native herb that thrives in harsh conditions. It is perennial, usually grown as an annual, with tiny blooms that stand out in the summertime. Other names include Indian Tea, Hopi Tea, Zuni Tea, Colorado Greenthread, and Cota. Prized since ancient Puebloan times, it is one of the best wild herbal teas. Navajo Tea grows wild over much of the plains and mountain states, north into South Dakota, Montana, Nebraska, and Wyoming. It grows prolifically on the Navajo, Hopi, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, and Colorado. Navajo Tea is a good larval and nectar source for several butterfly species, especially the Sulphur butterfly. Thelesperma filifolium

Pkt Size/Approx, Seeds
0.4 g ~100+ Seeds

•USA-grown Seeds
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•USDA Zones: 3 - 12