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Wormwood Herb

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Wormwood is a common component of the legendary spirit absinthe. While it has long been used medicinally, it is Wormwood's relation to the liqueur known as the green fairy that makes it the subject of literature and legend. This attractive perennial with its feathery grey-green foliage and bright yellow flowers makes a delightful addition to any garden setting. This bitter-tasting herb can be sweetened with mint or anise to create a delicious tea. Sometimes known as Green Ginger,

Pkt Size/Apprx Seeds
0.8 g / 100+ Seeds

Plants thrive in sunny, dry, and well-drained soil. In the spring, sow in pots or directly in the garden. Sow tiny seeds on the surface of sandy soil. Germination can take up to 3 weeks during which seed bed should be kept moist and provided light. Thin or transplant 2 feet apart. In the fall, cut back to just an inch or so above the old growth. Harvest on a dry day in July or August. Remove greenery and hang bunches to dry.