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Wisconsin SMR 58, Cucumber,

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Pkt Size-Apprx Seeds: 0.8 g / 30+ seeds

Black spined, blocky, slightly tapered fruits. Very productive. Most expert cucumber growers consider this variety the top-producing pickling cucumber. It can be grown on a trellis or a fence for support. Best for making dill pickles. Very crisp and sweet. Fruits are straight and uniform. If you love making homemade pickles, you have to try this variety. Perfect cucumber for those with short-season or in northern climates. Please do not allow them to get too large. Resistant to Cucumber Mosaic Virus and Scab disease. Plant seeds 1 inch deep, 24 inches apart, with 48 inches between rows. Make a second planting in early summer for a fall harvest. 65 Days.

Pkt Size/Approx Seeds
0.8 g / 30+ Seeds