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Winter Luxury Pie Pumpkin

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Winter Luxury pumpkin is by far the BEST pie pumpkin. This beautiful pumpkin was introduced by Johnson & Stokes in 1893. Lovely 6-lb golden fruits have white netting and are perfect for pies. In fact, it is said to be the best pie pumpkin, ever! Vines produce medium-sized, 5-7 lb. tangerine orange pumpkins that are blanketed with white netting and very sweet and smooth flesh. It's a favorite of all who grow it. 105 days.

Plant your pumpkin seeds outside after all chance of frost has passed and the soil temperature is 65 F. The warmer the soil, the faster the seeds will germinate. Plant 3-5 pumpkin seeds about 1 inch deep in each mound. Germination should take place in 6 - 10 days. Once they germinate, thin to 2 of the healthiest sprouts. Pumpkins are 80-90% water, so they need a lot of it to grow. The secret is to only water pumpkins when they need it. If the plant looks healthy, water is not required daily. When the soil is dry and the plant looks limp, give it a long deep drink. Deep but infrequent watering results in a healthier plant. To achieve maximum size, grow one pumpkin per vine, water, and fertilize regularly. Most pumpkin varieties take between 85-125 days to mature. If you want pumpkins on October 1st, count backward to decide when to plant. Harvest fruits when the skin has turned completely orange. Cut from the vine, leaving a 2 - 3-inch stem attached to the fruit. Store in a warm, dry spot.

1.9 g / 10+ Seeds