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Western Wildflower, Mix,

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A unique blend of wildflowers that can handle the mountainous west's variable climate, rainfall, and altitude has made this mixture a favorite. A grand total of 27 species makes the mix successful in almost any microclimate. Plant in the spring, or in mild winter areas, just as your rainy season begins. Includes 27 wildflowers: 18 annuals for first-year color. Plus, nine hardy perennials for second and successive years' bloom.

Wildflower blends are easy to grow from seed and are recommended for direct outdoor sowing after the frost. Mix wildflower seeds with sand to increase visibility during sowing. Broadcast the blend of seed/sand over an area of ground and evenly rake and lightly tamp wildflower seeds into the soil. Germination for the 27 varieties occurs between 10 – 30 days. Wildflower seeds sown in the fall will be dormant until spring. Pollinator Mix blend of wildflowers will mature at various times during the season, filling in your garden with vibrant, untamed, summertime color. Pollinator Mix wildflower seeds contain multiple varieties of wildflowers known to be significantly desired by hummingbirds, butterflies, and other vital pollinators. Growing insect-friendly flowers is the most critical way you can help bolster your local honey bee population.

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