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UC 72, Asparagus,

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UC 72 Asparagus was created to be tolerant of drought and Fusarium Wilt. Plants produce large yields after being in the ground for 2–3 years and will continue to produce for up to 15 more years. Spears are dark green with compact heads and tend to be larger than Mary Washington Asparagus. This is a great choice for market growers and home gardens alike. This variety is more heat and drought-tolerant than many other varieties. 2–3 years, perennial. Non-GMO, open-pollinated.

Never cook Asparagus in an aluminum pan. Put Asparagus into water immediately when harvesting to retain moisture.

This variety of asparagus does well when sown directly. The first harvest will be between 2 and 3 years after planting the first seed, with the first harvest being smaller than most. This plant will continue to produce 15 or so years in the garden after these initial years. Add organic matter to well-drained soil, and keep weeds out. Sow seeds 1” below the surface and expose them to full sun. To harvest, cut each spear just below the soil when they are 8-11” long. After harvest, cut plants down to 1” above the soil and mulch over for continual harvests in the next seasons.

0.1g / 30+ Seeds