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Super Surprise Mix, Tomato,

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Pkt Size-Seeds: ~50+ Seeds

Heirloom Super Surprise Tomato Mix (just like a box of chocolates). This is a wonderful mixture of over 300 Heirloom Tomato Seeds we have grown. It is a mixture of big red, black, yellow, orange, and white beefsteak/brandy wine types with some red grape and black, red, and zebra cherry types. There are also RARE, VERY RARE, and not-so-rare types. This mix is for those who can't make up their mind about what to grow. Or they are like me and want to grow them all. Plant some and save the seed from your favorites to plant next year. Basically, it is a mixture of all the tomatoes I have ever grown and am growing.

Pkt Size/Seeds
~50+ Seeds
~100+ Seeds
~200+ Seeds

•(Lycopersicon lycopersicum)
•Annual Crop
•USA-Grown Seeds
•Square Foot Garden Spacing; one plant per sq ft
•USDA Zones: 3-12

SEED SAVING: Cross-pollination between most tomato varieties is highly unlikely, so isolation is unnecessary. Pick fully ripe tomatoes and cut them across the middle; squeeze out the pulp into a container. Add some non-chlorinated water, and let the mixture ferment for several days or until a thick layer of mold has formed; this removes the gelatinous layer on the seeds, and good seeds go to the bottom. Pour off the mold and debris, saving the good seeds on the bottom. Rinse the seeds in a strainer under running water until they are clean, then spread them out to dry in a protected location away from direct sunlight. Stir them once or twice a day. Provide a fan to speed drying if the air is humid. Once the seeds are completely dry, store them in a cool, dry location for up to five or more years.