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Everyone loves summer squash, and the 3 favorites in this Seed Kit ensure that you get all the delectable flavors at a great price! You will harvest the crop of a lifetime by growing all 3 this season! 3 of the Best Summer Squash for Delicious Eating! It contains a crookneck, zucchini, and pattypan. In this Seed Kit, you receive 1 packet each of

Zucchini Black Beauty - Dark green, glossy fruits are long, straight, and slender. A firm, very tender, good flavor. This zuke is a darker green (which means more nutrients), with earlier maturity, and heavier yield. Very prolific will have enough to share with neighbors. 62 days.

Crookneck - Bumpy, yellow, meaty fruits are 5 to 6 inches long. Slender curved neck. It holds and ships well. Excellent eating quality. Continuous yield. 60 Days.

Yellow Scallop - All squash gardens need a scallop variety, and Yellow Scallop is the way to go. Beautiful, bright yellow scalloped edge fruit with a rich, mellow flavor. Yellow Scallop sets the most tender, buttery sweet "flying saucers" we have ever tasted. It likely predates Columbian times, a rare native American squash. Bush plants, good yielder of tender, rounded squash with a scallop. The whole family will love it! Appetizing color, whether picked tiny, with the blossom still attached, or full-size. 50 days

This collection contains 1 packet of each variety, for a total of 3 packets. Please note: This collection is an $11.94 Value!