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Red Pear, Tomato,

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Pkt Size-Seeds: ~25+ Seeds

This tomato is pre-1800 and is very much popular today. Clusters of pear-shaped, Red fruits with mild, delicious flavor are attractive and tasty whole for salads and fresh eating. You will be amazed at how many delicious fruits that Red pear produces. These small pear-shaped tomatoes are 1-3/4 to 2 inches long. They are delightfully sweet and considered by many as garden candy. A very tasty pear-shaped Red tomato. These are just like the little red pear tomatoes that your Grandmother grew. As rich in vitamins as it is flavorful, a very popular variety for the home garden. Growth is fairly tall and will need staking or caging. Indeterminate. 75 days.

Pkt Size/Seeds
~25+ Seeds
~50+ Seeds
~100+ Seeds

•(Lycopersicon lycopersicum)
•Annual Crop
•USA-Grown Seeds
•Square Foot Garden Spacing; 1/2 plant per sq ft
•USDA Zones: 3-12