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Plaza Latina Giant Green, Tomatillo

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Pkt Size-Approx. Seeds: 0.2 g / 50+ seeds

The Brandywine of tomatillos. A unique, large-fruited variety of tomatillo that produces huge yields of oblate, apple-green fruit. This giant Mexican strain produces 3-4” wide, green fruit on tall plants that benefit from support. The seed was originally saved from imported Mexican fruit purchased at the Plaza Latina Market in Eugene, Oregon. Fruits are ripe when they burst through husks—blended with hot peppers to make traditional Mexican green sauce salsa verde. They are not as prone to dropping fruit at maturity as other tomatillos. The culture and care are similar to tomatoes; but, tomatillo plants will not self-pollinate, so two or more plants (of any tomatillo variety) are needed for good fruit production. 70-80 days from transplant.

Pkt Size/Approx. Seeds
250mg ~60+ Seeds

•(Physalis ixocarpa)
•Annual Crop
•USA-Grown Seeds
•Square Foot Garden Spacing: one plant per square foot
•USDA Zones: 1-12