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Mongolian Giant. Sunflower,

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Pkt Size-Approx. Seeds: 1.5 g / 12+ Seeds

Enormous sunflower variety, with vibrant yellow flower heads that can get as large as 18. Grows up to heights up to 14ft! Once the blooms fade, you and the birds will be rewarded with enough seeds to snack on all year! Annual Open-Pollinated cultivar; Excellent for birds and butterflies. Prefers full sun exposure

Sow in the spring after the last average frost date when around 3" tall. Seedlings should be thinned to 2 ft. apart. Edible seeds attract birds and make great snacks. Watering every day will help them to grow faster. They tend to germinate 5-12 days after planting. To save seeds, cut the stem beneath flower heads when the backs of the flower heads turn yellow. Hang upside down and let dry in a cool, dry place for about a month. Cover with netting or a paper sack with holes to keep seeds from falling.

Pkt Size/Approx. Seeds
1.5 g / 12+ Seeds

•(Helianthus annuus)
•USA-grown Seeds
•Deer resistant
•USDA Zones 1-12