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Mini Rainbow, Popcorn,

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These multicolored 3 to 5" ears are filled with shiny kernels in a wide range of colors. Great for fall decorating, and the corn is good for popping. Suitable for growing in garden plots or raised beds. Corn tolerates heat and drought-prone regions. Mini Rainbow Popcorn is an adorable 3-4 inch long, slender, corn cob that grows in many colors. Use them dried as decoration, or harvest the hardened kernels for popcorn! This heirloom corn has been grown for centuries in North America. With 2-3 ears being produced per stalk,

Direct seed after the last frost. Corn is wind-pollinated and should be planted in at least 4x4 blocks to achieve whole cobs. Harvest when cobs have dried entirely on the plant.

Pkt Size/Approx. Seeds
25 Seeds
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