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Michihili, Chinese Napa Cabbage,

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Michihili is an heirloom Chinese cabbage. Its dark green leaves are tender and delicious, ideal for stir-fries, pickling, and other Asian dishes. Introduced in 1948, Michihili was developed to perform well in North America and has a more robust flavor than other cabbages. It is a wide variety of Chinese cabbage with large, upright, well-blanched heads (4 x 18 in.) wrapped with dark-green leaves. The flavor is sweet and mild. Sow in early July for fall harvest ."Michihili" Chinese cabbages thrive in more temperate climates. Warmer areas may experience a slightly earlier harvest date and will grow in a looser leaf formation. Heads are hardy and can be grown in climate zones 1 to 9. After around 70-80 days, the heads can be harvested. They provide a subtle, delicate, peppery flavor and can be kept for three months after harvesting. Great for microgreens.

Pkt Size/Approx. Seeds
1.0 g / 200+ Seeds