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Mascotte, Bush Beans,

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An AAS award winner for its super-compact habit and high production of delectable beans. Mascotte provides full-sized harvests from container-friendly plants. The Mascotte root system is ideal for window boxes, pots, patios, and the garden. Dwarf upright plants grow 20-18" tall. Beautiful when flowering and easy to harvest. Mascotte beans are crisp, extra-fine, uniformly round, completely string-less filet-style beans with a medium green color. Mascotte string-less pods are slim and measure 6" in length. The bean pods are best harvested when they grow are around 6" long. Their texture is crisp, and they have an excellent bean flavor. 50-55 days. White seeds.

The first pods will be ready 50 days after planting seeds. Plant seeds in mid-May (for most parts of the country). French-style green beans keep coming over a long harvest period. Mascotte beans are continuous fruit setters, for bumper crops continue to plant every two weeks until 50 days before the first frost.

Sow Mascotte bean seeds 2-3" apart within the row and 12" between rows. Container: sow seeds in groups of 5 spaced 4" apart. Allow two to four days between each picking.

Pkt Size/Approx. Seeds
25 Seeds
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