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Italian Dandelion, Leaf Chicory,

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Italian Dandelion (Cichorium intybus) Heirloom Herb Seeds is a leafy, non-head forming chicory plant eaten as a fresh vegetable in salads. Known in Italian as "Cicoria" or chicory, but somehow, in the case of leaf chicory, mistranslated as "Italian dandelion," Italian Dandelions, which are different from True Dandelions, are vigorous growers and entirely edible with forest-green leaves that provide savory flavor when cooked, similar to collard greens. Dried chicory can also be added to coffee and is a popular beverage in New Orleans!Days to Maturity:20+(baby leaves, flowers) 65+(roots) Perennial

Pkt Size/Approx, Seeds
0.30 g / 200+Seeds