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Golden Delicious Hubbard, Winter Squash,

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These squash are really delicious! Fruit are teardrop shaped and weigh 8-14 lbs. with brilliant red-orange rind. The flesh is very smooth, tasty, and orange. Very sweet smooth flesh is excellent for pies and baking. It was developed by M. D. Ferry in 1898, making Hubbard Golden Winter Squash a very old, quality heirloom seed. Though called "gold, " this Hubbard Golden Squash has a bright orange rind and skin. The rind is also bumpy and" ""warte"". The flesh is very fine, and tasty. This is one of the best baking squashes around, and it is excellent for canning also. Annual. 100-120 Days to Harvest. Heirloom, Non-GMO, Open Pollinated.

Winter Squash is a warm season crop, sensitive to frost and light freezes. Start Heirloom / Open Pollinated Winter Squash indoors 3-4 weeks, before the last frost date or direct seed outdoors after the danger of frost. Plant Winter Squash in full sun. To direct seed, plant 6-8 seeds 1″ deep in 1′ diameter hills, thinning to 3 or 4 plants at the set of true leaves. Or plant Golden Delicious seeds in rows 1″ deep, 2′ apart. Keep rows and hills 6′ apart. Germination should occur in 5-10 days at 65-85°F. Keep the soil just damp during germination, or seeds may rot—Harvest when the Winter Squash rind has hardened, and fingernails require pressure to pierce the rind. Leave a 2-3″ stem on when cutting from the plant for more extended storage.

4 g / 15+ Seeds

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