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Cucamelon, Mexican Sour Gherkin,

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Mouse Melon, Aka Cucamelon, Mexican Sour Gherkin,is a newly rediscovered heirloom grown by the Incas. Produces abundant crops of 1-2" teeny crunchy fruits that look like tiny doll-sized rattlesnake watermelons. This rare relative of the cucumber has a distinctive tangy, citrus crunch followed by a lingering sweet cucumber flavor with a twist like they are already pickled. They are delicious eaten raw, added to salsa’s, salads, as well as pickled or simply eaten as a juicy snack. The plant is slow to start and once they get going, though, the beautiful lacey vines reach a length of 6-8 feet and are highly productive until frost. (These will not germinate in cold/damp conditions, use a heated mat or somewhere very warm, 70-80 F ) Additionally, in warmer climates (or greenhouse grown in the north) plants produce edible tubers similar in appearance to crosnes or Chinese artichokes. Great for growing on a trellis or in a hanging basket. Kids love to eat them right off the vine. 60-70 days.

Pkt Size/Approx. Seeds
20+ Seeds
50+ Seeds

Square Foot Garden Spacing: 1 plant per two sq ft