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Cascaduro, Sweet Pepper,

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11 in stock, ready to be shipped
Pkt Size-Approx. Seeds: ~30+ Seeds

A sweet Ancho-type pepper originating from Brazil. It is highly productive for a pepper, producing flavorful 3-4" fruits. The Cascaduro Pepper is an Ancho-type pepper with quality flavor. The pepper ripens to red but is usually used when it is green. Growing peppers is easy in any sunny, well-drained spot, and they are good candidates for roomy containers, too. Produces flavorful 3-4? fruits. Cascaduro vigorous plants produce tons of sweet, durable, 3-5 inch ancho-type peppers that are versatile and hold up well once picked. Peppers can be used for roasting, pickling, or just about anything else. These are perfect fried, stuffed, roasted, in soups, or added to sauces. (70-85 days to maturity.)

Pkt Size/Seeds
~10+ Seeds
~30+ Seeds

•(Capsicum annuum)
•Annual Crop
•USA-Grown Seeds
•Square Foot Garden Spacing: One plant per square foot
•Easy to grow
•USDA Zones: 3-12

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