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Black Diamond Yellow Belly, Watermelon,

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Pkt Size-Approx. Seeds: 0.8 g / 25+ Seeds

A big melon that's firm, red, sweet, and so juicy! Melons are long and oval with dark green rind and can grow as long as 20 inches and 30-35 pounds. The rind is perfectly thin but very strong, making it a good option if you need to get it to the market. Thrives in warm climates. The perfect choice for the home gardener and market grower. A good producer. Resistant to sunburn. The yellow belly is where it lies on the ground. Black diamond watermelons are known for their sweet, juicy flesh and enormous size. The dark, green-blue-black melons have rich red flesh. And typically lack the stripes of more familiar watermelon varieties. Tough blue-black rind spot where melon touches ground turns yellow when ripe oblong prominent creases 19 x 17 in. 30-50 lb red flesh stores well. 90 - 95 days to maturity.

Pkt Size/Approx. Seeds
0.8 g / 20+ Seeds

Square Foot Garden Spacing: 1 plant per two sq ft