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American Purple Top, Rutabaga,

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American Purple Top Rutabaga was introduced in 1920 and immediately became a favorite. These large, smooth, rounded roots are 4 to 6 inches in diameter, and packed with creamy, sweet, fine-grained flesh. They are large, and delicious, and the greens are huge, tender, and excellent in a salad. This cool-weather crop also makes a fine spring crop. Very tasty, mild, and sweet; excellent cooked or raw; bright yellow flesh is top quality. A great fall vegetable. They can be mulched and left in the ground for winter storage. American Purple-Top Rutabaga is vitamin-rich and has a robust flavor. With sweet, fine-grained, and large, globe-shaped roots, this vegetable is the most popular boiled, mashed, and used in stews.

0.4 g / 200+ Seeds