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Chinese Big Stem Broccoli

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Pkt Size-Approx. Seeds: 0.7 g / 200+ seeds

Chinese Broccoli - Big Stem. Heirloom, Non-GMO. Brassica oleracea var alboglabra. 60 days. Cool-season annual. Chinese broccoli is a popular Chinese vegetable grown for its stalks and leaves. This open-pollinated variety has good flavor, deep green color, and BIG crisp stems excellent for slicing. Harvest Stems at 12-18", tolerant to cold, and slow bolting. If the stem gets too large and the skin is tough, peel the skin off. The stem flesh is still very juicy, crisp and.

Prepare fertile, well-drained soil. Sow seeds in spring after the last frost to early summer to early fall. Sow seeds in late spring to fall (cool areas) regions. Keep soil moist. Harvest central stalk when about 8-10" tall and when 2-3 flowers are about to open. After this cut, the plant branches freely for an extended harvest, but the stems and leaves will be smaller. Blanche then stir-fry stalks, leaves, and buds with garlic, a little sugar, some rice wine, or boil and dress with oyster sauce. Use in soups, sukiyaki, and tempura. It can be cooked like a choy sum. Blanching before cooking helps tenderize stems and leaves.

0.7 g / 200+ Seeds