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Painted Mountain, Corn,

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Painted Mountain is one of the most widely adapted and genetically diverse corn varieties today. It has descended from 70 types of native corn rescued from Indians and homesteaders who lived in some of the U.S. and Canada's harshest climates. Tolerant to heat, drought, high winds, and cold nights. It can withstand cold grounds in the early season. An awesome ornamental, with more beautiful colors than any variety, contains every shade of color known to corn. Vivid oranges, golds, reds, and purples make the brightest fall harvest decorations. The 4-5 foot stalks bear up to 2 narrow, 7-inch long cobs. Young cobs at the milk stage have white and yellow kernels that offer a semi-sweet, authentic corn flavor that can be eaten fresh when young. Mature cobs reveal many colorful patterns, from all red jewel tones to a mix of yellows, blues, and browns. Dried kernels have thin seed coats and grind to a fine, soft flour starch. 70-90 days.

Pkt Size/Approx. Seeds
~25 Seeds
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